Saturday, 7 November 2015

Modest Elf

The weather has cooled down drastically over the past few weeks in Istanbul, but I'm not lamenting the change in the seasons, there's a certain comfort in bringing out all the cosy autumnal cardigans, the woolly tights and the deep, saturated, rich shades of colour. Talking about autumnal shades, the colour scheme of today's outfit reminds me of my favourite Christmas classic 'Elf', particularly of the character Jovie, an employee dressed as elf. It's one of those occasional times in the year when I experience severe culture shock, despite being a Turk in Turkey. When the house is chilly, so you snuggle with a blanket on the sofa and watch Elf for possibly the hundredth time, it's not the same. The pleasant sensation of watching a Christmas RomCom isn't so relevant here. Regardless, it makes me feel so much more aware of the simpler things in life I take for granted, which are actually really special in their own ways.

Outfit details: H&M (similar), old blouse, thrifted plaid skirt and vintage square-scarf