Saturday, 12 December 2015

Romwe review and outfit: Part 1

Yes, I must confess, I finally jumped on the Romwe-bandwagon that has either been raved about or cursed to the pits of hades by several Bloggers and YouTubers. For those who are a little confused as to what on earth I'm rambling on about, Romwe is an women's clothing website that sells very affordable clothes, and when I say affordable, I mean as cheap as chips. It is definitely one of those stores that you either love or you absolutely loathe. Since there were plenty of miscellaneous reviews concerning Romwe, I hoped that the odds were in my favour, braced myself to expect the unexpected and bought some items that struck out to me to be the most distinctive and eye catching. Personally I found Romwe a case of a hit and miss, I was delighted with a couple of my purchases, which I have mentioned today, yet dismayed by a few others. The product I'm most impressed with is a crimson midi skirt with a jacquard texture, which I found to live up to my expectations since it turned out to be faithful to image online. The material is very thick and the stitching isn't likely to unravel any time soon based on face value. The second purchase was love at first sight, a plaid shirt that looks like one of my brother's shirts that I might have shrunk to my size in the wash, yet whether it was what I’d anticipated is questionable since it seems to be identical in appearance yet the feel of it can be a little irritating on the skin, but certainly a sensation one can get used to. In today’s post I wanted to share the aforementioned two successful purchases that I formed an outfit combination with…

Outfit details: Romwe skirt, Romwe plaid blouse, old blazer and vintage bag