Friday, 22 January 2016

Things don't always go as planned..

Yes, I resemble a carrot in today's outfit and yes, I was due to update this blog well over a week ago, however things don't always go as planned. On that note, it dawned on me that i shouldn't stress and worry obsessively about when and how to maintain my blog posts, it shouldnt be based on a routine, it's a place where I enjoy sharing my outfits, inspirations, thoughts and a place where we can connect over our mutual love for vintage. I'd hate for any of that to feel forced, on the contrary it should be genuine and spontaneous, so when I felt overwhelmed by the change of setting and anticipation of exam results I resisted the need to post an outfit and waited for the desire to do so. Admittedly today's outfit isn't anything extraordinary nor is it particularly eye catching since I don't have a vast selection of clothes with me on my holiday, but I had to resume somewhere...

Outfit details: h&m jumper, wool skirt, vintage bag and Vakko scarf