Wednesday, 10 February 2016


From the moment I touched down in England I've been longing to take some pictures outside for once, however Manchester being Manchester, it wasn't the best sport. For the last three weeks that I've been here, it did not cease raining, at all, however I was relentless....I tried to get the better of the weather and each time my scheme was thwarted. That was until yesterday, where I was blessed with a brief window of opportunity in which it was deceptively sunny...but at least no rain! So I took a triumphant walk in the closest park to me and took some pictures. Don't be fooled by the photos of me grinning from ear to ear, by the end of that walk I could no longer feel my fingers since they were numb with cold. Don't get me wrong, I love documenting my outfits and keeping this blog updated, but extreme weather conditions and I are not the best of friends.  In this amateur photoshoot of myself I restored my faith and devotion in this blog, because no one in their right mind, I believe, would have ventured out in this weather. 
Today's outfit is my go to outfit in cold weather, to the extent that it's been my uniform for this week, talking about uniforms, it's also the same combination as the uniform of my siblings's primary school. Being a bit of homunculus, I blend in a little too well with the environment, to the extent that one of the teachers approached me the other day and told me my denim skirt wasn't part of the standard school uniform! Oh dear.

I've annotated each photo to enlighten you guys as to what was really going on...

'Chin up Sumeyye, make the most of your teeth chattering, with a grin..'

Staring at a passerby and being a little too aware of how ridiculous I must seem them...

'Should i make this my last photo and call it a day, nah i should take a few more, justttt... shoot, i forgot to smile'

'Nope, nope, this is the very last one, can i snap off my toes at this point?'

This was probably the most authentic of them all, the smug expression summarises how accomplished and warm I'm feeling.

Outfit details: thrifted jumper and blouse, Topshop skirt and vintage headscarf and bag